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An average of 100 concerts a year with the Ensemble Modern
confronts us with a steady stream of challenges in the endeavor
to deliver perfect live performances of contemporary music. Stands
for large instruments are one of the things that are often difficult
to find with the necessary characteristics. Over the last 35 years,
my response has been to develop more and more things to
suit my own needs and then have them built for me.
I am now happy to be able to make these practical, durable, and
high-quality products available to others through rog percussion.
Easy to use and simple in form, these expertly crafted devices help
percussionists handle a wide variety of playing techniques and adjust
to different stage configurations.
I believe that you will be as pleased as I am to work with them.

Rumi Ogawa


rumi ogawa



Born in Tokyo, Rumi Ogawa first studied percussion under Michiko Takahashi at the Tokyo Geijutsu University (State Academy for Music and Art). She has lived in Germany since 1978 and completed additional studies there under Bernhard Wulff at the Academy of Music (Hochschule für Musik) in Freiburg. During these studies, she also acquired a broad range of experience in performing classical and modern music – mainly with the Basel Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Freiburg Institute for New Music.

A member of Ensemble Modern from 1981 to 2021, Rumi Ogawa played an active part in developing and expanding the group. She makes guest appearances with a variety of orchestras and ensembles in Germany and abroad, and performs frequently as a soloist.
More information on Rumi Ogawa can be found in the book ›Hier spielt die Musik‹, published by AvivA.

Her portrait CD ›perc.width‹ was released in summer 2017.

stand systems

>>> Stand system production is currently halted <<<

The round tubular uprights and sturdy, open hooks provide unusual flexibility for different configurations and modifications.
Our heavy-duty stand system can support several heavy bell plates, Thai gongs, or tam-tams.
The chromatic Crotales rail (shown with disks and stand – not included) is compactly built and easily integrated into any configuration.
All parts may be ordered separately; customized products are available upon request.
All elements are made of high-quality steel, manufactured by a master craftsman metalworking shop, sandblast smoothed, and have a black outer coating.

Delivery period: 6-8 weeks

Product description
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rasping stick

Depending on their repertoire, percussionists need to be equipped with all sorts of devices, including drumsticks, metal brushes, and superball mallets. Made of high-quality maple or beech, these rasping sticks are well balanced and, thanks to the long grips, easy to handle even in combination with other mallets. Hand-made by a master craftsman woodworking shop.

Delivery period: deliverable immediately 


Size Specifications Price / pair (Net) 19% VAT
M maple, ø 19mm, 56cm long, lacquered 40 € 7,60 €
S beech, ø 16mm, 46cm long, lacquered 38 € 7,22 €

japanese taiko stick

These taiko sticks are crafted in a Japanese taiko-making workshop from an extremely light, soft wood of the magnolia family. Their shorter length means that they sit well in the hand, and instruments never sound forced or weighty even when one has to play rapidly and back and forth over larger distances.

Delivery period: deliverable immediately 


Caliber Specifications Price / pair (Net) 19% VAT
ø 24mm magnolia, 38cm long, ca. 80 g, unlacquered 34 € 6,46 €
ø 30mm magnolia, 35cm long, ca. 140 g, unlacquered 40 € 7,60 €


  1. Please use the order form to order the products you would like.
  2. You will receive a reply e-mail from us within three days with details on the handling of your order.
  3. The rasping sticks are available from stock. The delivery period for the stand system is generally 6 to 8 weeks. We will notify you of the anticipated delivery date.
  4. All products and prices are shown in our Product List and Product Description.


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